Krav Maga Specialist

The most advanced training facility, which includes 200 meters of training space with a professional boxing arena, a variety of heavy boxing bags, acrobatic exercise equipment, posture and advanced weapons


The school principal

  • The Idan Cohen contact school is a senior IDF coach, outstanding in 8th grade.

  • Black belt holder Dunn 3

  • A certified Wingate graduate with a bachelor's and master's degree in sports with an academic specialization in motor development from childhood.

  • Leading his team to win the IDF championship in contact 6 times in a row!

  • Won 3 times Israeli Combat Championship.

  • Has 27 years of experience in combat and a rich background of professional fights in Israel and abroad.


  • This professional class is suitable for children and adults, women and men alike. The groups are divided by age.

  • Krav Maga Specialist is a top-notch fighting and self-defense method in which trainees learn how to defend themselves in real street battles and save lives.

  • In the lessons, we learn to defend ourselves from any type of attack, including combat standing and fighting on the ground, using effective and clever principles of touch combat, which win the best martial arts.

  • Let’s develop coordination and stamina, speed, agility, muscle endurance, bursting power and improve body health!

  • If you ever doubted your abilities or asked yourself "What else can I do against someone who ... you've come to the right place.

  • The lessons are challenging and interesting and are done in a positive and fun atmosphere with a personal attitude to each trainee while providing professional highlights specifically tailored to him in order to improve his skills in combat and sports in general.

  • In addition, the alumni group learns about the relationship between physiology and anatomy in the fighting world and how it is implemented in reality.







27 years of combat experience

6 times in a row the IDF champion in battle with his team!

3 times Israeli champion in combined combat

6 documented life-saving and self-protection cases by his students


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